How to type in Hindi in Whatsapp/Facebook/Instagram?

Hindi is one of the most spoken languages in India and it may become necessary sometimes to reply to someone back in Hindi. It may be your family group or relatives who aren’t much familiar with English. Generally, Indians do talk in Hindi but they use English alphabets with Hindi pronunciations for conversations as it becomes easier than typing Hindi word with matras over it. If you want to text someone actually in Hindi then this guide will definitely help you out.

Typing Hindi in Android


  1. Android Phone
  2. Internet Connection

Let’s begin with the guide on How to type in Hindi in Whatsapp?

  • First of all, go to Play Store and search for Google Indic Keyboard.
  • You have to install the first app with this icon as shown in the image below.
Google Indic Keyboard
  • After Installing, Open it and click on the Select Input Method button.
Setting up google indic Keyboard
  • You’ll see available Keyboards on your mobile. You have to select English & Indic languages here.
set google indic keyboard as default keyboard
  • Make sure it becomes your default keyboard. You can make it sure by going to Additional Settings>Keyboard and Input Method>Default Keyboard.
Google Indic Keyboard as default keyboard
  • Now, For e.g. open Whatsapp and click on Type a message space. You’ll see the Keyboard with option “” beside “abc“.
  • Click on and you will see three options on your keyboard.
typing hindi using english letters

On selecting the first option, you have to type as you do regularly in English and Keyboard will automatically convert your words in Hindi. The below image illustrates clearly that I wrote “Namaste” while the keyboard responded as नमस्ते.

typing hindi using english alphabets

The second option displays all the Hindi akshars and matras as if you want to type Hindi on your own then you can go with that.

On selecting the third option, you have to draw the Hindi letter and the keyboard will recognize and type it for you in the text.

I would advise choosing the first option as it is best and fastest to type Hindi and you can switch between English and Hindi Keyboard anytime by pressing “abc” from your keyboard head as per need. Similarly, you can type Hindi on any application like Facebook, Instagram etc with ease.

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