Can you use 2 different brands of RAM?

Can you use 2 different brands of RAM

What is RAM?

RAM or Random Access Memory is a basic component of modern computers used to make processing quick. RAM is an important unit for today’s smartphones, computer, and other IoT devices. Without RAM, you can’t even imagine playing your high specification games or rendering huge videos with ease.

It is a type of memory which is extremely quick(much quicker than the HDD). It temporarily stores your information at one place accessible to all programs. The computer loads all the necessary things in RAM first and then they all are used as per requirements.

It is a short term memory and volatile which means it can’t store data forever like HDD or SSD(non-volatile). The computer loads the necessary data every time it is booted to life. As soon as the system or computer is turned off, RAM loses its all data and becomes blank again.

Different Types of RAM

If you are into Computers then you might know about DDR4 RAMs. They are one of the most popular versions currently because of feasible pricing and speed. A few years back, it was of DDR3 and DDR2 RAMs which were big as well as bulky, in fashion. RAMs evolved constantly with better speeds making computing quick and faster.

As of now, DDR5 RAMs have been started rolling into the market with higher clock speeds but still, DDR4 RAMs are still selling because of feasible pricing.


What is the Frequency of a RAM?

In simple words, More the frequency, better the system performance and better speeds while loading games and rendering videos. Frequency of RAMs is measured in MHz and current RAM makers are clocking amazing MHz for providing lightning speed shifts of data within the system.

Can you use higher frequency RAMs in the old motherboard?

Well, It all depends on compatibility. All motherboards can run a specific range of frequency of RAMs and not any you think of. It’s a machine and machine runs only the way it is configured to be. Do check out your motherboard manufacturer’s website and ask them if the RAM you want to install will work with the particular model or not. It is one of the easiest ways to do so without wasting your hard-earned money and then returning the product back to the seller.

New motherboards are made up to support a range of RAMs with a variety of frequencies, so if you are planning to buy a motherboard then it will be great as it might be a long term investment.

Can you use two different frequency RAM’s together?

Yes, you can use two different brand rams together if they have the same specs on paper. Did you get confused? Let’s say, there are two different rams. One is of brand X and other is of brand Y. If they possess the same frequency, DDR, and the most important Voltage, then you can put them together without any second thought.

Issues with the compatibility of using different brand RAMs

Well, if you don’t know how exactly you can use two different brand rams together you may run into multiple errors, crashes, and other like problems. You need to know the right way on how to use different brand RAMs together. We have specified a guide on how you can know if you can use different brand rams together.

How to use two different brand RAMs together?

Things to check:

  1. Double Data Rate: Commonly known as DDR and suffixed with 2,3,4,5 are progressing types of RAMs. Currently, the quickest RAM is DDR5 preceded by 4,3 and 2. You need to know this very clearly that the only same DDR RAMs can be used together. In other words, you can only use DDR4 with other DDR4 RAM/s or DDR3 with other DDR3. Also every type of RAM has different size slots. RAM of laptops and PC are different in size as well. Be very careful with your requirements if you are going to buy a RAM So you don’t end up buying the irrelevant RAM.
  2. Latency: Latency is the response rate of RAM and even if the RAMs are of different brands, they need to have the same Latency on paper.
  3. Voltage: Different type of RAMs require different Voltage and you can’t fit different voltage RAMs together else, either it won’t work or you’ll experience sudden crashes.

As long as these 3 important factors are the same, you can use mix brands of RAM together.


RAMs of different brands can be used together keeping the above factors in mind without any issues. For the best, consider buying the same type of RAMs from the same manufacturer. Why So? because RAMs from the same manufacturer are compatible working with each other. You won’t feel any delay or lag in response and there will not be any crashes or errors while extensive using of PC like playing heavy games or rendering high-quality videos.

Does RAM use power?

RAM is an essential component of the computer and draws power to perform processing and help other tasks to execute quickly.

How much RAM do I need 2019?

Generally, for current PC’s and workload, an 8 GB stick will work fine and if the usage is minimal then the 4 GB will also do good. Higher memory RAMs are required for professionals who are into gaming or editing.

How many watts does a stick of RAM use?

Generally, An 8 Gigs of RAM require 3 watts of power but it varies for different RAMs of different types from different manufacturers.

Is 8gb RAM enough for development?

Yes, 8 gigs of RAM is enough for development. Even my laptop has 8 gigs of RAM and in my experience, I never experienced any issue while using either Visual Studio or Android Studio with Chrome opened in the background.

Is 32gb RAM overkill 2019?

Definitely, Its much more than normally people buy but investing in a higher memory RAM is only worth if you are into extensive gaming or rendering high-quality videos.

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