Android Oreo released: All new features and Specs

Android Oreo released

Android Oreo released: All new specs and features

Hello Guys, we are back with some astonishing news of the week from the smartphone’s market. The Biggest techgiant Google has finally released their latest version of the beast (OS), the Android Oreo. The latest version of the Android Oreo had been made official by Google on 21 Aug 2017(Monday). The latest version of Android OS is still under the scrutiny. As Google wants to finalize all its complication as soon as possible. In addition, Google also confirmed that the tests for Nexus 5X and 6P are going to be available soon. So that all the problems and complications can Known, So that user experience increases.

Android Oreo released

In addition to this, Google has also confirmed that the Nexus Player and Pixel C will support Android Oreo. The best part of the latest operating system is that it is optimized by counting space and time complexity as well regardless of previous versions caring about time complexity.We hope that all the top players of Android smartphone market will provide their users new beast of operating systems Android O.

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Some reports (from Cnet) suggest that the latest version of Android OS is going to come with what Google calls “vitals”, which includes security improvements and battery tweaks. Google Play Protect, for instance, is a new anti-malware feature that helps users easily determine if there is a malicious app on their device.

Android Oreo released with some new features

Google has constantly been working on feature what they call picture in picture mode, And they think this is right time to publicize their work with the atest version of Android O. Google have included picture-in-picture feature in the latest version of OS which lets users watch videos while they can also use other apps on their phone at the same time. Oreo brings app badging that allows users to see pending notifications and alerts as well. Another big update is that the users can expect the updated versions of emojis on their new version of OS, they might look same as the look on iOS.

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One of the biggest problem for the Latest version of OS is its availability as it has to pass through the device manufacturers before reaching to users. As we have seen in the case of Android Nougat which failed to cross the 20 percent in first one year. Android being an open source program from Google which does provide authority to the manufacturers to delay the update or thay can also block the update, As most of the small manufacturershave done it in the past.

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Ian Fogg of IHS Markit consultancy told the publication that Google’s biggest challenge with its latest versions of Android is that it is only available to a small number of smartphone users.

We think Android O need the approvement from all the top smartphone Vendors and early implementation to the devices. So it takes months for new versions of Android to reach a significant number of users.

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