How to Enable Google Assistant on Any Android Phone


 How to enable Google Assistant on Any Marshmallow and nougat based Android Phone

It has quite long since the human has been attracted by Artificial intelligence. Google Assistant is just one of those creations which work on AI.Google has taken on Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana with their own AI based Virtual Assistant in last year in I/O in may 2016.This feature came up with Pixel and Pixel XL phones from Google but after some time it was rolled out for all the Android phones running Marshmallow and nougat version of Android.
Google Assistant
Whether you love it or not but this Google Assistant is smart assistant services that are only going to be more and more popular as the time will pass. Sadly, this Google Assistant on Android smartphones is available only on those devices running Android Marshmallow and above.But most of us do not know how to enable it.So here we will be discussing “How to enable Google Assistant on Android Marshmallow and Nougat”.

Let’s start.

Step-1: Go to setting and tap on Google.

How to enable Google Assitant

Step-2: Tap on 3 dots on the top right-hand corner.
Step-3:Select “Help & Feedback”
Step-4: Again Tap on 3 dots and Select “View in Google Play Store”,You will be redirected to Google Play Store.
Step-5: Scroll down and Look for Becoming a beta tester.And then tap on “I’M IN”>Join.

How to enable Google Assitant

Step-6: Search for Google App in Play Store and then tap on the First Icon.

How to enable Google Assitant

Scroll down and look for Becoming a beta tester.And then tap on “I’M IN”>Join.
Step-7: Now go to My apps & games>Tap on beta>Update both the apps(Google and Google play services).
After you done this
Step-8: Again head to the settings and tap on Language and input>Set English Us on the first preference.
Step-9: Come back to the setting main menu and hit Apps>Find Google app>Clear all the data.
Once you are done.Do the same with Google Play Services.
Step-10: Come back to Android Home Screen and Tap on google>Tap on get started>Yes I’m In>Tap on 3 line icon on the top left corner>Tap on Settings>Tap on Google Assistant settings on next menu

How to enable Google AssitantHow to enable Google Assitant
Step-11: New enable Google Assistant>press home button for some time and you will see the setting Up menu for Google assistant.

How to enable Google Assitant

You have did it, Its time to enjoy the Google Assistant.
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