Android O Latest features and their pros and cons

Android O Latest features

The Latest android version is on its way to hit the ground very soon, yet the name of the OS is under rumors.So-called Android ‘O’ has to be more interesting and different from than their previous versions.So in this post, we will talk about Android O latest features. The changes are going to be like more restrictions will be there on background performances of apps that equate to more battery saving.It is said that  Android ‘O’ will feature more interesting and different fonts for their users for the first time ever. Better color gamut and user defined notification filter. Autofill API’s and Picture in Picture mode are also coming. ) Just wait and watch what latest android version is going to feature.

Android O Latest features

Since the first news about Malware on Android, Google has been working very seriously on their security and much more.This time around Google’s aim is to make it more difficult and costlier for attackers to build mobile malware. Kovakina acknowledges that users don’t always have the latest Android version, that is why Google has not been able to maintain its security.Their Verify Apps tool’s ability to detect ransomware in the Google Play Store has been in danger due to lack of updates available for all the Android users.Instead of warning of ransomware, Verify Apps now blocks suspected ransomware apps.

Android O Latest Features

  • Android o ‘Copy Less’ feature:

 A person familiar with these issues has issue told Venture Beat that Google has introduced new Android O features one of them is copy less a feature called ‘Copy Less’ to ease the process of copying something from one app to the tallying. With this feature, users will not be required to go through the process of copying and pasting but would rather make a getting hold of the text as auspices.New:Android Oreo released: All new specs and features
For example, if you are having a conversation harshly speaking restaurants behind your friend and you happened to deem size concur in Yelp app, you can just go pro to the conversation and write “It’s at” and the Gboard keyboard will present you the quarters of the aforementioned restaurant as a publicize. Currently, it is not exact whether this feature will be a relationship to Android itself or to the Gboard keyboard app, as per the description.

  • New defenses coming in Android O


The developer preview of Android O was released March 21, In the developer preview google have introduced many new features and in the list of Android O features  API is getting an immovable overhaul, Kovakina says.To rule what easily reached of windows can be displayed above subsidiary apps, apps using the O SDK will no longer be allowed to use the window types TYPE_PHONE, TYPE_PRIORITY_PHONE, TYPE_SYSTEM_ALERT, TYPE_SYSTEM_OVERLAY, or TYPE_SYSTEM_ERROR. Instead, developers will have to use the adding window type TYPE_APPLICATION_OVERLAY. Apps using older SDK versions can yet use those window types, but their windows will be z-ordered below the appendage TYPE_APPLICATION_OVERLAY windows. An ongoing low-priority notification is displayed in the window for all apps using the SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW entry, regardless of whether it is using the new window type or one of the older ones. All nimble windows will be z-ordered below vital system windows amalgamated to the lock screen or the status bar. This means users will always be nimble to switch away from the sprightly windows.

  • Google will save tinkering

There is a bit of a cat-and-mouse game mammal played. Many of the system improvements seen in latest versions of Android were inspired by a type of malware that successfully executed upon a device. Malware creators will see for new actions as Google addresses their current ones.
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